President Note

Dear Members,

The Virginia United Football Club Committee is delighted to advise that Registration for the 2019 football season will open 1st December 2018. We look forward to returning members and welcome new members to the club.

The Committee understands the expectations of our members to keep registration fees reasonable and maintain access to football programs for all levels of skill, ability and affordability. As such, our fees are remaining stable with only slight increases to cover increased affiliation costs charged to us by Football Queensland and FFA. Other inflation type cost increases are planned to be absorbed through greater use of volunteers, and a push to increase sponsorship's and canteen revenue.

As members are acutely aware, the level of facilities and infrastructure is sub-par for a club of our quality and membership size. We have grown at circa 20% per annum for the last 5 years and have reached capacity and a recent audit has highlighted our fields are utilised at 150% to 180% of the recommended guidelines. Over the past 12 months, the committee has been focusing significant time and efforts in finalising our strategic and master plan, including staged plans (multi-year) for facility and infrastructure development, and working closely with Brisbane City Council.  Progress and engagement with key elected representatives at the local, state and federal level is being made, yet takes time and considerable effort from the Committee. The support of our elected officials is essential to ensure that there is a sustainable, long lasting Government investment in our fantastic club and site. We are focused on local community and neighbour consultation and hoping to share plans with members in early 2019.

Whilst accessing grant funding programs will be a key enabler, not all costs associated with facility development and upgrades can be covered through these programs. Under current fee regime, these costs cannot be covered under existing fees, and therefore a $50 infrastructure levy per family is going to be applied for 2019. This money will be separately held, accounted for and directed only towards costs associated with design, planning processes, site exploration (for building), specialist advice etc. We understand the cost imposition this has on families, but it is a necessary step to enable us to invest in our future and enjoying a facility that is representative of the quality of our football programs and importantly is deserved for our members, employees, volunteers, coaches, managers and parents that come down every week.

It is important to note that playing fees paid by members do not cover all the cost of running this Club. The remainder comes from sponsorship, clubhouse income, fundraising events and other football programs run during the year. 

For 2019, our playing fees below are still in line with other Clubs at the same level.


2019 Fees*



Small Sided Football membership U6-U7


Small Sided Football membership U8-U11


Competition Age Junior membership U12-15


Senior Youth Player membership U16-18


Academy Coaching Levy U8-U12






Senior Female BWPL Player membership


Senior Female City League Player membership






Senior Male Capital Player membership


Senior Male City League Player membership


Senior Male Over 35 Player membership


 * This excludes the $50 infrastructure levy which will be a separate line item on your registration invoice. We encourage all families to register their entire family at the same time to ensure that they attract the multi child discount and pay the $50 infrastructure levy once.

The Committee believe that the costs represent fantastic value, and with training sessions and games included, the costs equate to between $8 and $10 per hour.

Where do your registration fees go?

Your registration fees in 2019, contribute to the following expenses:

  • National Registration Fee (Football Federation Australia)

  • State Registration Fee (Football Queensland)

  • Football Brisbane Registration Fee

  • Player insurance

  • Public liability insurance

  • Water charges

  • Electricity - field lights, clubhouse & canteen

  • Referee fees

  • Football equipment (balls, bibs, cones, goals, corner posts,)

  • Ground works (mowing, line making, fertilising, aeration, herbicide)

  • Annual ground rehabilitation works (top soil, turf, aeration, fertiliser etc)

  • Repairs and maintenance (electrical, lighting, plumbing, car park potholes, fences, water tanks)

  • Maintenance of Clubhouse Facilities & Office Equipment

  • Football department programs, pathways and administration

  • Technical Director wages

  • Coaching wages

  • Coaching licences

  • Council rates

  • Council lease fees

  • Waste collection

  • Individual player trophy - juniors only

  • Team trophies - youth and senior


In 2019, we would like to remind everyone of the opportunity that you have with regards to refunding of your fees. Should you utilise our NAB sponsorship benefits through this link and sign up to a new or re-financed loan, not only can you get a great deal and save money, the club receives a valuable commission and will refund 1 nominated registration in 2019.

In 2018, over $4,500 in commission was received and in all cases applicants experienced significant savings through reduced interest rates. The commissions received are being directed to upgrade the dugouts on field 1.

Once again in 2019, the club will be offering payment plans to reduce the burden of the upfront cost.


Matthew Winters
VUFC President
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