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Last updated 22 Jun 2024
Field 1 (Main Field)Closed
Field 2 (Full Size + U12/U13 sub-field)Open
Field 3 (9aside pitch + subfields A and B for 7aside matches)Closed
Field 4 (9aside pitch + subfields A and B for 7aside matches)Closed
Field 5 (7aside + U6/U7)Closed
Field 6 (U6/U7 + warm up space)Open
Field 7 (U6/U7 + warm up space)Open

Club Policies

Registration and Refund Policy

Registration is online, via our club website & registration system, Majestri. It is also mandatory for Season competitors to register online with the relevant Association eg Football Queensland through the Squadi system.

Fees are payable at the time of registration. They are processed online and we accept credit/debit card payments, as well as payment plans.

Virginia United Football Club reserves the right to suspend or rescind registration if a player's fees are not paid in full, either at the time of registration or an approved Virginia United Football Club Payment Plan is not adhered to.

For details on our Refund policy, please go to the Registration tab on our main menu, under 'The Financial Stuff'.


Junior Player Placement Process and Grading

We attempt to fulfill Friend Request Forms (FRF) for all players that are registered and paid by the advertised deadline. Please remember due to certain circumstances (such as late registration, unpaid fees and squad numbers) we are unable to do so. FRF are now a user complete box during the registration process. It is labelled “Players you wish to play with”. 

We do realise that playing with your friends is what makes team sport in most cases. For ages U6 - U8, your competition is ungraded therefore we usually have a much higher success rate. 

In the U9 - U11 age group the competition is graded into 3 ability levels. Our priority is to place players into the level of competition that best fits their ability first, before considering friend requests. 

Please remember that we do not train certain age groups on certain nights, this ensures that we can be more flexible finding players, with outside football commitments. We book team training on field availability and coach availability first, before considering if all the players can attend. You can use the FRF to let us know which night of the week you are unable to train. However, be aware this will affect the likelihood of us being able to fulfil your FRF. 

Any players included in the Junior Academy Program are ineligible for FRF. 

U6 - U8 

Where possible U6 players will be placed with fellow U6 age category players listed in their FRF. Instances where this maybe not be possible:

·       If one or more of the players listed in the FRF are not registered by the deadline

·       One of more of the players listed in the FRF are unpaid by the deadline 

·       One of more of the players listed in the FRF have asked not to be placed with the player

·       If a combination of FRF’s mean there are not enough spaces in a team for all the combined players

·       If placing all of the players listed in the FRF together means we have no volunteer parent coach from the group to conduct the training and games on behalf of the team 

In U7 & U8’s we generally roll over the teams from the U6’s & U7’s. We try to fill any vacant spots with new players. Again, we do take FRFs, we ask that:

·       All players in FRF forms are registered and paid before the deadline

·       That parents have spoken to the parents of players in FRF forms to ensure both players have listed each other 

·       That parents understand that to be able to fulfil FRF that we may need to move a / the players out of his or her existing team into a new team. We do not move players not listed in a FRF out of their existing teams to accommodate other players’ FRFs.

·       That parents understand that it is difficult to fulfil FRFs that include 3 or more players as teams are generally rolled over from U6’s / U7’s. 


We have an U7 Elite Squad (Term 4) as well as a U8 Pre-SAP Future Squad running throughout the season. Trials for these teams are held in December each year.

Successful players will be notified via email. Unsuccessful players will also be notified and upon registering, will be placed into a team using the above process. Unsuccessful players will be monitored throughout the season and in some instances may be offered development squad places. 

U9 - U12 

Teams in these age groups are graded on skill, ability and performance. In these categories we have Gecko (beginner), Goanna (moderate) and Komodo (advanced) teams. 

We prioritise team placement at the correct level for player development before considering any FRF. If two players wish to play together and they are both graded in the same ability level, then we will do our upmost to ensure they are in the same team. 

New players to the club should attend the clubs Skills Assessment sessions to help grade them correctly. If a new player doesn’t attend one of the Skills Assessment session, then they will be placed in a Gecko level team. 

High Performance Teams

The club holds a Junior and Youth FQ Academy 2 Licence and also offer an Academy Support Program (ASP) team which is a pathway into our High Performance Teams. Trials for these teams are held in October/November of each year. Refer to our High Performance tabs on the website for further details. 

Successful players trialing for our High Performance Teams will be notified via email. Unsuccessful players will also be notified and upon registering, will be placed into a community or Academy Support Program (ASP) team using the above process. Unsuccessful players will be monitored throughout the season and in some instances may be offered training opportunities. 

U13 - U18 

Teams are either designated as ‘registration ready’ or ‘trial required’. Players registering for registration ready will be placed into a team once full payment is received. We cannot hold places for players that have only registered but have not paid. 

Players registering for teams that require trials should attend trials as advertised by the club. You will receive an email inviting you to register for the team after the trials have concluded. Those players not invited to register for that team will have the option to play for the team designed registration ready, subject to availability. 

We cannot take FRF for any U13 – U18 age categories. 


MiniRoo Playing Time Policy

Virginia United Football Club have an equal playing time policy for all U6 to U12 players registered to play for the outdoor season. Coaches and managers of each team must ensure equal weekend game time if all of the following criteria are met by players and parents:

·       Over 70% attendance to training sessions

·       Respectful player behaviour at training sessions and on match days

·       Clear communication with coach and manager on availability and absence

To assist with time keeping at games the club encourages coaches and managers to utilise the app 'SubTime' (which can be downloaded on the app store/google play store) to help capture accurate data on playing time.


Photography and Videography Policy

Virginia United Football Club respects parents right to take photographs of their children playing sport. We allow all parents to take photographs at Albert Bishop Park. If parents would like to video games or activities undertaken at Albert Bishop Park, we ask that they consult with all parents involved in that particular activities to gain their permission. 

Any persons not part game / activities in a facilitating or participation role are not permitted from taking photographs or video footage.

Virginia United Football Club reserves the right to remove anyone from the clubs grounds that is in breach of the above policy.

The club uses photography and video clips to enhance members experience and also promote itself. By agreeing to the terms and conditions of the club, you are agreeing to giving the club permission to use your image in a responsible manner. Should you wish to opt out of this or have an image removed, please contact admin on


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