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Last updated 22 Jun 2024
Field 1 (Main Field)Closed
Field 2 (Full Size + U12/U13 sub-field)Open
Field 3 (9aside pitch + subfields A and B for 7aside matches)Closed
Field 4 (9aside pitch + subfields A and B for 7aside matches)Closed
Field 5 (7aside + U6/U7)Closed
Field 6 (U6/U7 + warm up space)Open
Field 7 (U6/U7 + warm up space)Open

Game Day Information

Welcome Members and Visiting Teams

To ensure you a safe and enjoyable experience when visiting our grounds at Albert Bishop Park, please refer to the below points before your arrival:

Grounds officials – It is desired that a volunteer grounds official is present at every game and identifiable in a yellow vest. Please contact them directly for any questions or concerns. Should a ground official not be visible, please raise concerns with the VUFC coach/manager and any concerns can also be emailed to the club at The role of the ground official is outlined as a document prescribed by Football Queensland. 

Role of the Ground Official 


Parking – approximately 120 car parking spaces are available on gravel and grass surfaces. Parking is often at a premium and we ask that everyone respects direction from club officials, ground officials and does not park in front of access areas to fields and respects signage. 

Toilets – located in the breezeway of our clubhouse.

Disabled access - our clubhouse has a disability access ramp located near the gravel carpark. The club also has disability car parking located close to the clubhouse access ramp. 

First Aid Room - we have a first aid room located the first door on the left as you enter the breezeway (from the south). In here there is a freezer which will have ice packs available, defibrillator and first aid supplies. 

Trees – we have a number of trees surrounding the grounds. These trees are not to be climbed on and the club are not liable for injuries encountered by children climbing trees.

Refreshments – our clubhouse canteen is fully operational serving coffee, breakfast, lunch and dinner options.

Field allocation - there is a club noticeboard which can be found on our club house deck advising of game day fixtures, field maps and referee allocations. 

Match officials – junior games (U6-U12) are refereed by developing young referees. Please be mindful of this during their training stages.

Protect our Game - We are part of Football Queensland Protect our Game Initiative and therefore expect all players, coaches, managers and supporters to act in a responsible way when at the club grounds. Entering the field of play or shouting aggressively at players or referees is not tolerated. You may find yourself expelled from the grounds. It is important that we provide a positive playing environment for both players and referees. 

For more information refer to Protect Our Game - Football Queensland

Spectator Areas and Exclusion zone - All spectators of fields 1 and 2 are not permitted within the fenced areas of the field. Please enjoy the club facilities including canteen and bar and utilise the many seating spaces around the club. 

For other (non-fenced) fields, please stay a minimum of 2m away from the sideline. 

Only players and identified officials are allowed inside this exclusion zone. This is to give the players the space they need to safely play the game and give the respect to the coaches and managers to undertake their responsibilities. 

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