Pre-Season Senior Comp

Our pre-season senior competition is geared towards City League and Over 35 players. Running throughout January and February it serves a great lead into the 2020 season.



  • 5 A-side (4 on the field, 1 player in goal) 
  • Graded competition (you may enter tier 1 or tier 2)
  • 50 minutes games, 5 minutes half time
  • Recommended squad size of 8
  • No slide tackles

Friday evening. 6:30pm / 7:30pm / 8:30pm time slots
Jan 10th to Feb 14th (6 weeks)

$600 per team ($75 pp based on the recommended 8 player roster).

The tournament is geared towards social level players. Players currently banned or serving a temporary ban from Football Brisbane or Football Queensland competition are prohibited from registering. 

How To Pay

One team invoice is issued to the designated team captain. 
Captains register their team via the link below. Captains do not have to name players on their teams roster.  

Key Rules

RULES (Please make sure to send round to your players)
  • Goalkeepers can only use their hands inside the dome
  • All players can enter either dome
  • Maximum 9 players in a game squad.
  • Pass in from the sideline
  • You can't score from a sideline kick in
  • Corners are active
  • Goalkeepers place kick to restart game from a goal kick.
  • Goalkeepers can kick the ball from hands.
  • After a goal is scored we restart from centre
  • Ball can go over head height
  • A foul in the dome equals a penalty shot from the edge of the dome
  • All free kick are direct (you can shoot directly from them)
  • No sliding tackles
  • Violence will not be tolerated. Any player dismissed for violent conduct will be banned from the remainder of the competition.

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