U9-U13 Keeper Academy

Goalkeeping requires a different skill set so why would they just train with the outfield players? The U9-U13 Keeper Academy team will be coached by goal keeper specialists and will work its way through a progressive curriculum that looks to produce modern keepers.

Our Coaches

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G&C Football Coaching specialises in Goalkeeping coaching. All their GK coaches are qualified with either a Community Certificate or GK Level 1 accreditation. G&C focuses on modern coaching methods that are age appropriate. 

The modern GK needs to be a 3D GK. This means they need to have the ability to use their feet and understand the roles and skills of outfield players. This only occurs with a mix of GK training with modern methods and participating in outfield sessions. This is exactly what Virginia United offers our Goalkeepers.

Trial Dates

Our trial dates for September & October are:

Tuesday, September 10th & Thursday, September 12th.

U9, U10: 5pm - 5:45pm

U11, U12, U13: 5:45pm - 6:30pm

Tuesday, October 8th & Thursday, October 10th.

U9, U10: 5pm - 5:45pm

U11, U12, U13: 5:45pm - 6:30pm

To register an interest in the Keeper Academy please email goalkeeping@virginiaunitedfc.com.au

Training Requirements

Our keepers will train twice a week with their Keeper Academy team as well as once with their designated weekend team. This will give them a good balance of specialist goal keeper training as well as the opportunity to link in with their team for the weekend, building an understand of how the team plays. 

Keepers will be expected to play short (using throws, rolls and ground kicks) when in possession predominantly. Develop an understanding of the game and be encouraged to communicate positive instructions (not general 'noise') as well as progress with their handling of the ball.

All keepers will be designated a team(s) to play with each weekend.

Schedule for 2020

It's important to get the balance between working with our Keeper Academy and our outfield Academy. Keepers normally train twice per week with their keeper group before joining the outfield Junior or Youth Academy for one training session per week.

Schedule for 2020 Keeper Academy.


11 & 13 *Training with outfield Academy
18 & 20
25 & 27


3 & 5
10 & 12
17 & 19
24 & 26
30 *Training with outfield Academy


1 *Training with outfield Academy
21 & 23
28 & 30


5 & 7
12 & 14
19 & 21 *Training with outfield Academy
26 & 28


2 & 4
9 & 11
16 & 18
23 & 25 *Training with outfield Academy


14 & 16
21 & 23
28 & 30


4 & 6
11 & 13 *Training with outfield Academy
18 & 20
25 & 27

35 Sessions with the outfield Academy coaching team and players. 40 sessions with the Keeper Academy staff. 75 Sessions total.


The Keeper Academy is subject to a levy which is added on to the basic registration cost. This cost is kept to a minimum and covers the addition kit requirements and also a suitably qualified and experienced coach. Goalkeeper coaching requires a much lower ratio of players to coaches making it more expensive than outfield coaching.  

U9-U11: $990 Total cost ($13.20 per session including kit, club registration, specialist coaching and match officials fees).
U12-U13: $1040 Total cost ($13.87 per session including kit, club registration, specialist coaching and match official fees)
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