Training Schedule

2021 Training Schedule

Please find below a link to the 2021 Training Schedule. Please be reminded that small changes are likely to be made throughout the pre-season period. 

Training Schedule Version 11

Training Map


A common question we are asked, which night do certain age categories train on? 

To answer this best for you, the number of teams in each age category at Virginia United Football Club are spread across teams on a Monday to Thursday afternoon/evening. Some teams train once, some twice. If you need to train on a particular night, please check the training schedule above to see if we have a team in the age category you require training on that night. Then list that team and why in the "Playing Preferences" box during the online registration process. This will be picked up by our administration team. Whilst we try to accommodate requests, we cannot fulfil all requests.

Match Day Field Map

Game  Day  Field  Set  Up

All U8/9 games are played on Fields 4A, 4B and Field 5

All U12 games are played on Field 3

All U10/11 games are played on Field 2A and 2B

Last updated 29 Nov 2021
Field 1 (Main Field)Closed
Field 2 (Full Size)Closed
Field 3Closed
Field 4aClosed
Field 4bClosed
Field 5Closed
Field 8Closed
Field 9Closed
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