Summer 5 A-Side Mixed Senior Competition

A fun Thursday evening competition whereby mixed gender teams play 1 fixture per night, over 6 weeks, with the final week featuring a Final type game. The competition is open to all players 15 years or older. Registration is via a team captain and team fee.

Important Rules

  • The Mixed Senior Competition requires teams to have a minimum of 2 female outfield players on the field at any time.
  • Keepers must wear a different colour to the rest of the team (a bib is acceptable - the club will have bibs a teams disposal)
  • Teams must wear their designated colours to games (bibs are provided as a back up)
  • Numbers on jerseys are not required
  • Players currently serving bans from Football Brisbane / Football Queensland or not eligible to participate

Schedule / Dates / Times

Teams play one game per night.

  • Week 1 - October 31st
  • Week 2 - November 7th
  • Week 3 - November 14th
  • Week 4 - November 21st
  • Week 5 - November 28th
  • Week 6 - December 5th (Finals Week)
Games are 25 minutes halves, 5 minutes half time, 50 minutes total. Unlimited substitution rule.
The first fixture time slot of the night is 6:45pm.
Teams maybe placed in two groups. Finals night will consist of the matching placed teams from each group playing off to decide their final ranking (e.g. 1st vs 1st, 2nd vs 2nd etc).


Please use the link below to register your TEAM for the competition. Please be aware of the following:

  • You will need to quote a team name when registering.
  • Only the team captain will receive a pay request. It is up to the team members to arrange their internal fees.
  • You will need to pay in full at the time of registering. You need to pay by card online. Incomplete registrations cannot be placed into a team.
  • All players in the team must be the correct age category (15 year or older).
  • All registrations must be completed by October 10th.


$600 per team. The fee is charged to the team captain. Team need to make their own internal payment arrangements. 
The fee is charged during registration and cannot be deferred. All competition communication will be sent to the team captains for them to pass on to their players.
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