Junior Juggle Challenge

The Junior Juggle Challenge is back for 2019. The reintroduced initiative from the Academy Director Dan Medhurst, aims to encourage players to practice their skills at home. To be eligible for the below 'Clubs' you must have performed your juggles in front of your coach or send your juggling video to our Facebook page.

Dan will award each player that achieves 'Club' status with a certificate of achievement. Some players will be chosen to perform their juggles on film. All films are view able on social media accounts.

Get practicing U6-U16's!


Challenges To Achieve

Academy Director, Dan Medhurst, has the following challenges for our junior players to try and achieve by the end of the season.

  • 10 juggles with a bounce in between (U6 to U7 only)
  • 10 juggles no bounce (U6 to U8 only)
  • 20 juggles 
  • 50 juggles
  • 25 juggles (alternating feet)
  • 50 juggles (alternating feet)
  • 100 juggles (alternating feet)
  • Highest number of juggles (alternating feet)
  • 50 juggles (alternating feet, (below knee height)
  • 100 juggles alternating feet, (below knee height)

There will also be extra juggle challenges added by some of our first team players along the way!


Juggle Comp Leader Board - Girls

Name            Age     Challenge Achieved Score

Juggle Comp Leader Board - Boys

Name            Age     Challenge Achieved Score

Hall Of Fame

Name            Age     Challenge Achieved Score
Jack Benham
Amir Khezri
Highest (alternate feet)
Highest (alternate feet)

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