Game Day Information

Welcome Members and Visiting Teams!

At Virginia United FC we try and make match day occasions as easy as possible for parents as well as an enjoyable experience for the players. Here are a few bits of information that may make your visit to Albert Bishop Park, the home of Virginia United as hassle free as possible.


Parking. Please ensure when entering the grounds that you keep your speed to a minimum. Parking is available in our regular gravel car park as well as the grass over flow car park after 10am (shown on the match day field map).


Field Allocation. The attached map is available to look at in advance. There is also a copy of the field map posted on the club noticeboard as well as at the game day fixture board. 


Grounds Officials. There is always a grounds official present, if you have any questions or concerns please talk to them. They are identifiable by their orange vest. 

Match Officials. Here at VUFC we are advocates of developing young referees. We therefore employee a dedicated group to referee all junior games (U8 - U11). They are all trained but human, please be respectful to them.


Positive or Pointless Initiative. We are part of the Positive or it’s Pointless initiative and therefore expect all players, coaches, managers and supporters to act in a responsible way when at the club grounds. Entering the field of play of shouting aggressively at children is NOT tolerated. You may find yourself expelled from the grounds. We are here for the children!


The Exclusion Zone. Please stay 2m away from the sideline. Only players are allowed inside this exclusion zone. This is to give the players the space they need to perform. Crowded sidelines mean players shy away from expressing their soccer skills. If you don’t we may ask you to leave the pitch side.


Water. We have three drinking fountains situated at the grounds, please make use of them and stay hydrated.


Seating. We have a number of bleachers allocated to each field. Please do not move the bleachers and parents please ensure any little ones are seated with you. If used as a climbing frame they can be dangerous.


Trees. We have a numbers of trees supplying much needed shade. These trees are not to be climbed, the club is not liable for injuries encountered by children climbing trees.

Refreshments. The club canteen is situated at the clubhouse.

Toilets are situated at the rear of the clubhouse.


Disabled access. Our clubhouse is a little outdated and therefore not very disabled friendly. We are trying our hardest to bring the toilets up to date but please bare this in mind if travelling with family and friends to support.

Last updated 18 Nov 2020
Field 1 (Main Field)Open
Field 2 (Full Size)Open
Field 3Closed
Field 4aClosed
Field 4bClosed
Field 5Closed
Field 6Closed
Field 7Closed
Field 8Closed
Field 9Closed
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