Please see the fixtures below.

Key Rules

Rather than a long list of rules, here are the key ones:
RULES (Please make sure to send round to your players)
  • Goalkeepers can only use their hands inside the dome
  • All players can enter either dome
  • Maximum 9 players in a game squad.
  • Pass in from the sideline
  • You can't score from a sideline kick in
  • Corners are active
  • Goalkeepers place kick to restart game from a goal kick.
  • Goalkeepers can kick the ball from hands.
  • After a goal is scored we restart from centre
  • Ball can go over head height
  • A foul in the dome equals a penalty shot from the edge of the dome
  • All free kick are direct (you can shoot directly from them)
  • No sliding tackles
  • Violence will not be tolerated. Any player dismissed for violent conduct will be banned from the remainder of the competition.
**Continued poor team discipline may result in your team being removed from the competition.

Round 1 - Jan 10

Home Team Away TeamPitchKO TimeTier
The SpankersVKGT All Stars16:30pm1
COYRVPolonia FC26:30pm1
Uncle TimeVThe Pernatrators36:30pm1
Tubby BearsVLCAS FC17:30pm1

Home Team Away TeamFieldKO TimeTier
COYBIGVFC Northside27:30pm2
Kranky KranskiesVJoy Division37:30pm2
JuventusVVenom FC18:30pm2
Virginia MancsVBack Off The Couch FC28:30pm2
City 7VLe Trojans38:30pm2

Round 2 - Jan 17

Home Team Away TeamPitchKO TimeTier
Uncle TimeVKGT All Stars17:30pm1
COYRVThe Spankers27:30pm1
Polonia FCVTubby Bears37:30pm1
The PernatratorsVLCAS FC18:30pm1

Home Team Away TeamFieldKO TimeTier
COYBIGVBack Off The Couch FC26:30pm2
Le TrojansVJuventus36:30pm2
City 7VKranky Kranskies16:30pm2
Virginia MancsVFC Northside28:30pm2
Venom FCVJoy Division38:30pm2

Round 3 - Jan 24

Home Team Away TeamPitchKO TimeTier
Uncle TimeVLCAS FC26:30pm1
Tubby BearsVThe Spankers36:30pm1
Polonia FCVKGT All Stars46:30pm1
The PernatratorsVCOYR27:30pm1

Home Team Away TeamFieldKO TimeTier
FC NorthsideVVenom FC37:30pm2
Le TrojansVBack Off The Couch FC47:30pm2
Joy DivisionVCOYBIG28:30pm2
Kranky KranskiesVVirginia Mancs38:30pm2
JuventusVCity 748:30pm2

Round 4 - Jan 31

Home Team Away TeamPitchKO TimeTier
KGT All StarsVTubby Bears27:30pm1
The PernatratorsVThe Spankers37:30pm1
Polonia FCVLCAS FC47:30pm1
COYRVUncle Time28:30pm1

Home Team Away TeamFieldKO TimeTier
Kranky KranskiesVLe Trojans36:30pm2
JuventusVBack Off The Couch FC46:30pm2
Joy DivisionVVirginia Mancs26:30pm2
Venom FCVCOYBIG38:30pm2
FC NorthsideVCity 748:30pm2

Round 5 - Feb 7

Home Team Away TeamPitchKO TimeTier
COYRVTubby Bears16:30pm1
Uncle TimeVThe Spankers36:30pm1
KGT All StarsVLCAS FC46:30pm1
The PernatratorsVPolonia FC17:30pm1

Home Team Away TeamFieldKO TimeTier
City 7VCOYBIG37:30pm2
Virginia MancsVLe Trojans47:30pm2
Venom FCVBack Off The Couch FC18:30pm2
Joy DivisionVJuventus38:30pm2
Kranky KranskiesVFC Northside48:30pm2

Round 6 - Feb 14

Home Team Away TeamPitchKO TimeTier
First PlaceVSecond Place17:30pm1
Third PlaceVFourth Place27:30pm1
Fifth PlaceVSixth Place47:30pm1
Seventh PlaceVEighth Plce18:30pm1

Home Team Away TeamFieldKO TimeTier
Ninth PlaceVTenth Place26:30pm2
Fifth PlaceVSixth Place46:30pm2
Seventh PlaceVEighth Plce16:30pm2
First PlaceVSecond Place28:30pm2
Third PlaceVFourth Place48:30pm2

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