2021 Squirts Term 3 - 9:15am Class

Virginia United FC

Coordination (body)
The very essence of movement should be an integral part of each session. Basic skills such as running, jumping, turning and twisting are to be introduced.
Motor Skills Development
With or without a ball, the children are to be challenged in simple gross-motor skill movement.
Hand-Eye and Foot-Eye Coordination
This is integral for all sports and ought to be developed whether or not football is ultimately their chosen sport.
Introduction to Stretching, Exercise and their Health Benefits
Full body stretches are not advocated, but rather an introduction to such activities to educate the children on the benefits of healthy lifestyle choices.
Basic Fundamentals of the Game and its Skills
The skills are introduced in a fun and relaxed manner. By introducing the information in a subtle way, the children are learning the basic fundamentals under the guise of having fun.
This element is important not just for football, but for life in general. One-legged stand has never been so much fun with and without the ball.
Games and the Focus of Fun - not Winning
After several weeks of sessions and practice the concept of a game becomes instinctive in the participant's football development. Simple throw-ins and goal-kicks skills are taught, but they are basically allowed to have fun and permitted to learn through play. Participation and having fun is the key element we are seeking to promote.
Sportsmanship: We seek to instil in participants a need to show courtesy to others as they would like to be shown. The program aims to develop good athletes who accept winning and losing in the same spirit and manner. Encouragement of a positive outlook, to always look forward to the next game, is something we hope to instil.
Rules and Regulations
We are aiming to give the children very basic rules so they can enjoy the game to a greater level. The concept of tackling and body contact will be addressed and monitored where needed.
Respect for Others and their Space
An underlying theme will "Be respectful of all players and officials". Enjoyment from participating in the game, regardless of the result, is to be fostered.


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