Walking Football

Walking football is a slower version of the World Game. It is a low impact sport, which is ideal for people wanting to be active, more social and fitter without the pain that goes with fast-paced sports.

Games are played in a 5v5 or 6v6 format, on a small-sided football pitch. The obvious difference is there is to be no running or jogging. Only walking is permitted. As a general rule, all players must always have at least one foot on the ground at all times.

There are many benefits that come from playing Walking Football:

- Quick recovery rate
- Less impact than most other sports
- Low cost
- Extremely enjoyable
- Anyone of any level of fitness can play
- Relaxed atmosphere
- Extremely social
- Flexible attendance

Walking Football at Virginia United Football Club

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Never played before or are thinking of getting back into it? Well let us give you a run down of what Walking Football looks like at VUFC:

- Firstly and we think very importantly, it's flexible! No registration, no long season commitment, just rock up pay on the day. 
- It's open to anyone. We look to divide games into two categories -50/+50, that's it.
- It's very social. No prizes or championship are on offer, we balance the teams game to game - week to week. 
- We have a Walking Football coordinator that sets up / packs away, puts everyone through a quick warm up, organises the teams, quickly lays out the key rules, keeps an eye on the time and helps to point out the club bar for after game refreshments! 
- Games are self refereed
- We play on 30m wide by 40m long grass fields (with 3m wide and 2m high goals). 

When, Where, How...

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Walking Football starts on Friday, July 19

Players do not have to register in advance, just pay ($7.50 by cash or EFTPOS) at the club canteen to receive your play token. Take the token to the Walking Football coordinator on Field 3 (canteen staff will point you in the right direction!). 

With no registration we just ask that players complete the name and contact email spreadsheet 

The EOI is simply so that we can let you know if the session is cancelled for any reason. No spam we promise, just an update when required.

We recommend you check the rules blow before arrival but it's not rocket science and the coordinator will remind all players during the warm up. 

We start at 6:30pm. We run for 1 hour and 15 minutes. 

Walking Football takes a break for all school holidays. We'll send an email to remind you. 

Remember Walking Football is open to anyone from our local community. Feel free to bring anyone and everyone along.

Questions? Contact Anthony Costa (Costa@virginiaunitedfc.com.au)

General Rules

  1. 5 or 6 players each per side, including Goalkeeper.
  2. No running or jogging, with or without the ball.
  3. Low impact tackling only. No sliding tackles.
  4. No off sides.
  5. All free kicks are indirect (i.e. Players cannot shoot direct at the goal. They must pass instead).
  6. The ball must not be kicked by any outfield player, or throw (by the goalkeeper), above head height. Free kicks are awarded to the opposing team if ball travels above head height (from the spot it was kicked).
  7. Goals can be scored from any outfield position. Goals cannot be scored direct from kick offs, kick ins, drop balls, goalkeeper’s kick or throw.
  8. Substitutions can be made when there is a break in play, the ball is dead, or the goalkeeper has possession of the ball.
  9. Games are self refereed by the players. Fouling is highly discouraged and players committing multiple fouls will be ejected from the game. 
  10. Ejected players sent off can take no further part in the matches that night. 
  11. Opposing players must stand at least 2 meters away from the ball when a corner, free kick or ‘kick in’ is taken.
  12. If free kick is on the penalty area line, the ball must be moved back 2 meters (to allow defenders to position themselves between ball and goal).
  13. Goalkeeper must wear shirt or bib that distinguishes from outfield players.
  14. Goalkeeper can receive back passes. He may either kick or throw ball back into play. Goalkeeper throws must be under arm.
  15. Possession is given back to the goalkeeper if ball travels above head height whilst being deflected or saved by the goalkeeper.
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