Pre-Season Senior World Cup Tournament

Our 5 A Side Adult Comp has been moved to make the most of pre-season! Get back to your best ready for the start of the season by playing in the World Cup themed competition. The comp will run on Friday nights for 5 weeks through Jan and Feb. Grab a team of mates or register as an individual and we will find you a team. The 5 A Side is the perfect warm up to the 2019 season.


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Our Senior World Cup Tournament is a 5 a-side format.

The club will be running a combined Senior Mens (16+) and +35 comp category.

Start Date: Friday 11 January

End Date: Friday 8 February

Cost: $75 per player

Number of games played: 

8 minimum

$75 per player


Fixtures & League Tables

See below links to fixtures for both World Cup Groups. Please note that week 1,2 and 3 all teams have double fixture nights. Week 5 is not listed on the fixtures in the link but will consist of a finals round for all teams. 

Week 5 Finals round structure as follows:

Grand Final - Winner Group 1 vs Winner Group 2
  • Runner Up Group 1 vs Runner Up Group 2
  • 3rd Place Group 1 vs 3rd Place Group 2
  • 4th Place Group 1 vs 4th Place Group 2
  • 5th Place Group 1 vs 5th Place Group 2
  • 6th Place Group 1 vs 6th Place Group 2
  • 7th Place Group 1 vs 7th Place Group 2
  • 8th Place Group 1 vs 8th Place Group 2






  • 40 minute game
  • No half times
  • Subs at any point in a break of play
  • No offside
  • No restrictions for penalty area (any player can enter)
  • No slide tackles - free kick awarded where slide tackle took place.
  • Throw Ins 
  • Penalties awarded if foul/handball in penalty area.
  • All free kicks direct
  • Defenders must be 3 m back for free kicks
  • Pass backs to GK allowed and GK can use hands
  • Referee discretion to stop a pass back being used to continually waste time.
  • Yellow and Red Cards - players who receive a straight red card can not play in the game and will receive a warning from the club, a second straight Red will mean they miss any further game time on that night and miss the following week. Violent conduct, punching/fighting players will be removed from competition immediately with no refund. (referees please report red cards to club officials)

Senior 5 A-Side Tournament

Our always popular Senior World Cup Tournament is open to pre-organised teams and individuals seeking team mates to play with. 

Step 1) Gather together 8 friends and decide upon a nation that would like to represent and call your own throughout the tournament.

Step 2) Register. Each player must individually register for the tournament and during that online process, when prompted, state the Nation they are affiliated to. 

Step 3) Ensure everyone in the team has registered and paid by the deadline.

Step 4) Decide on a jersey colour to wear to the tournament. In those cases we have a clashing colour we will supply the bibs. 

Step 5) Relax until the opening game.                      

Reasons To Get Involved

Last year we had 130 senior players take part. We hope this years new format helps even more get involved. Here is some key information:

  • Teams are arranged by players. Teams should remain as registered, throughout the tournament.
  • Players that register as an individual seeking team mates, we endeavour to place in teams that are part filled (less than 10 players on the roster) or in a team of other individuals seeking team mates.
  • We will have 8 fields in use every time slot, all 8 of which are on our senior fields.
  • Qualified referees pre-arranged for all fixtures throughout the tournament.
  • Teams can play multiple games each evening. We ensure a rest period between the matches.
  • A great opportunity to get involved in football outside of the normal season.
  • Food trucks on site
  • 30m by 40m pitch size ensures plenty of touches on the ball.
  • 40 minutes matches, no half time.
  • Shortened tournament format allows for evenings off during the week. 
  • Physiotherapist on site for all fixtures.

Tournament Criteria

Registering players must not currently be suspended or under sanction from Football Brisbane. Please use the following guidance:

  • Players registering in any senior competition must be over the age of 16.
  • Every team must have a minimum of 8 players.

Sign Me Up

To register please use the box below. Before doing so please check the following:

  1. I know my teams nation (you'll need to state this when prompted in the process).
  2. Ensure your players all fit the tournament category criteria (as above)
  3. I have a credit or debit card handy (payment is required to complete the registration. Unpaid registrations will expire 1 week before the start of the tournament).

Senior Mens Pre-season Tournament


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